About Us

K.D. Associates came into being on 2052 Chaitra with the collective entrepreneurship of reputed Architect and Engineers on 2059 Chaitra with an objective to provide architectural, engineering, software development services to different organization and clients to meet their varied needs and requirements with appropriate technology and highest professional dedication.

At K.D.Association PVT. Ltd.(KDAPL), our ability to provide exceptional quality services lies in the years of experience we have in civil engineering and surveying services.In the process, the firm provided professional services to a wide range of architectural and engineering projects for both the national and international clientele.

Quality permeates our culture. We employ a quality staff; we provide employees with a quality work environment; we pursue and nurture relationships with quality clients. As a result, we produce quality work. The municipalities, utilities, school districts, state and federal agencies, and private sector clients with whom we work expect quality, so we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the product we deliver.

Over these years, K.D Associate (Pvt.) Ltd. has gained recognition in major architectural commissions including the Master Planning and Designs of Institutional Complex, Factory Complex, Shopping Centers, Extensions and Transportation Terminal. We attribute this growth pattern to the dedicated input of the K.D Associates personnel who are all well trained, energetic and totally dedicated to their respective fields. K.D Associate makes no compromises in achieving the best for its clients, and will always operate with the highest professional ethics and morale.

The opportunity to produce quality is present in each engagement. For some projects, like plugging an abandoned and potentially contaminated artesian well on an elementary school site, the sensitive issue of children’s safety demands quality. In other instances, like the 288,000 square foot BUDCO distribution center, quality is measured by how well we comply with established design criteria and construction budgets while meeting a fast-track design schedule.

KDAPL’s mission is to be a company that makes a positive difference, makes the world a better place, and improves the quality of life for people. That means our clients, our employees, and all those with whom we relate.